I have a small Behringer Eurorack MX 802A mixer for controlling audio volume from a computer. Most of the time I use headphones, but from time to time I need to have audio out of active speakers. Speakers are connected to Main Output and headphones to Headphone/Control room output. The annoyance in this particular setup is... Read more

I bought a Futaba T6EXAP RC transmitter from Asia and noticed that it was setup for controls mode 1. The control modes affect how the controls are assigned to the sticks. There are four different ways how they can be setup. The most popular ones are mode 1 and 2. Personally I find the... Read more

There are few tricky ways to make a browser to refresh a page or to go to a different page, immediately or after certain interval. Doing this is generally not recommended: Meta tags - Webmaster Tools (google.com) and HTML Techniques for Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0 (w3c.org). One valid use is when author can not make... Read more

qTranslate plugin provides a way to make WordPress content multilanguage. I wanted to show users what translations the resource really has, but this was not so trivial and efficient to do from the theme code. Luckily the necessary internal routines were already present and adding the needed functionality was easy. Now the plugin always processes and... Read more

Adobe has made it quite hard to find standalone installer files which will work without network connection and do not come with download managers and such. This post is more like a note-to-self where to find these. Flash plugin Official download page Windows: Internet Explorer and compatible install_flash_player_ax.exe Windows: Firefox and compatible install_flash_player.exe Test Flash Installation Shockwave plugin Official download page Windows: Shockwave_Installer_Full.exe Test... Read more

When a category link is accessed in the blog using non-default language, the request goes to endless redirect loop. Here is a quick-n-dirty fix to hide the problem. Include the following to theme's functions.php file // A kludge for Redirect Loop issue for WordPress 3.0-RC1-15069 + qTranslate devel 2010.04.20 // 2010.05.31 22:47:37+0300 - Mikael Willberg (mig@hyper.fi) function... Read more

For awhile I have wondered why my monitors do not go to standby. Also while the workstation is locked the screen "flashes" every few minutes and I can see my wallpaper for a fraction of a second. Solution It seems that LightScribe service does something that either prevents the standby action or systems thinks that user did... Read more

If user is logged on to Facebook account, any website can use Facebook API to access the user's public data. To deny access to this information Firefox users may define filters to Adblock Plus addon. Original article on this topic Block Sites from Using Your Facebook Login with Adblock Plus Understanding the filters I think people should understand... Read more

I use Analog web log analyzer to make some statistics. While I was checking daily reports I noticed that there were few 404 (Not Found) errors. Failure Report Listing files, sorted by the number of failed requests. reqs: file ----: ---- 2: /fi/article/253 Failed Referrer Report Listing referring URLs, sorted by the number of failed requests. reqs: URL ----: --- ... Read more

I faced a situation in which I had to archive few hundred blogs to browsable format from WordPress MU (multi-user) server. The server was configured to allow only secure https connections. This seemed an easy task, but reality was a bit different... Natural solution was to use wget utility, but I just ended up with files... Read more