qTranslate plugin provides a way to make WordPress content multilanguage. I wanted to show users what translations the resource really has, but this was not so trivial and efficient to do from the theme code. Luckily the necessary internal routines were already present and adding the needed functionality was easy. Now the plugin always processes and... Read more

When a category link is accessed in the blog using non-default language, the request goes to endless redirect loop. Here is a quick-n-dirty fix to hide the problem. Include the following to theme's functions.php file // A kludge for Redirect Loop issue for WordPress 3.0-RC1-15069 + qTranslate devel 2010.04.20 // 2010.05.31 22:47:37+0300 - Mikael Willberg (mig@hyper.fi) function... Read more

I faced a situation in which I had to archive few hundred blogs to browsable format from WordPress MU (multi-user) server. The server was configured to allow only secure https connections. This seemed an easy task, but reality was a bit different... Natural solution was to use wget utility, but I just ended up with files... Read more