There are few tricky ways to make a browser to refresh a page or to go to a different page, immediately or after certain interval. Doing this is generally not recommended: Meta tags - Webmaster Tools ( and HTML Techniques for Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0 ( One valid use is when author can not make... Read more

Adobe has made it quite hard to find standalone installer files which will work without network connection and do not come with download managers and such. This post is more like a note-to-self where to find these. Flash plugin Official download page Windows: Internet Explorer and compatible install_flash_player_ax.exe Windows: Firefox and compatible install_flash_player.exe Test Flash Installation Shockwave plugin Official download page Windows: Shockwave_Installer_Full.exe Test... Read more

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I use Analog web log analyzer to make some statistics. While I was checking daily reports I noticed that there were few 404 (Not Found) errors. Failure Report Listing files, sorted by the number of failed requests. reqs: file ----: ---- 2: /fi/article/253 Failed Referrer Report Listing referring URLs, sorted by the number of failed requests. reqs: URL ----: --- ... Read more