There are few tricky ways to make a browser to refresh a page or to go to a different page, immediately or after certain interval. Doing this is generally not recommended: Meta tags - Webmaster Tools (google.com) and HTML Techniques for Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0 (w3c.org). One valid use is when author can not make... Read more

When a category link is accessed in the blog using non-default language, the request goes to endless redirect loop. Here is a quick-n-dirty fix to hide the problem. Include the following to theme's functions.php file // A kludge for Redirect Loop issue for WordPress 3.0-RC1-15069 + qTranslate devel 2010.04.20 // 2010.05.31 22:47:37+0300 - Mikael Willberg (mig@hyper.fi) function... Read more

For awhile I have wondered why my monitors do not go to standby. Also while the workstation is locked the screen "flashes" every few minutes and I can see my wallpaper for a fraction of a second. Solution It seems that LightScribe service does something that either prevents the standby action or systems thinks that user did... Read more