Lego 4955 Big Rig (2007)

 Mikael Willberg

 8.11.2011  English, Suomi  22.1.2008 - 23.1.2008  Projects · Building  

This set is part of Creator theme and is much simpler than similar models from Technic theme. I was not looking forward to buy this set, but the package was so beaten up that the store agreed to my bargain offer.

The set consists of 550 parts and building it was straightforward. There is some functionality, but they are quite basic ones:

  • The hood open up
  • The doors open up

The biggest disappointment is that the set lacks steering; the front wheels are locked in place. This reduces the playability a lot. After the model was finished, there were only some extra parts including a mystery part. That was most likely so light that it was not caught in quality control.

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