Cleaning up Roland W-30 Music Workstation

 Mikael Willberg

 13.8.2010 English, Suomi 1 Projects · Do-It-Yourself  ·

I acquired this synthesizer in used condition in 2007 and after checking that it was in working condition I could not resist the temptation to see the insides and clean it up. The model was introduced in 1989, so there must be some dust inside.

That was the very first screw that I opened and that pretty much confirmed the need of cleaning.

Actually there were just few dust balls here and there, but there are not cooling fans either to suck and pack them inside the device. The rest of the cleaning process went without surprises.

One little problem I noticed was that the miniature switches that needed to be pressed quite hard. I just sprayed the contacts, maybe I will change them later, if I became annoyed by them and find proper replacements.


Just before I managed to put the device back together I got really really sick, just by drinking one glass of water. I will write more about this later on, but the event is covered here: Nokia water supply contamination (

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